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Electrical accessories are currently popular in Australia and around the world. Now Roev – an electric conversion start-up launched by two former high-level Atlassian executives – has released its bids to electrify existing Australian ute fleets.

Roev is focusing its initial electric ute conversions on the two best-selling ute models in the Australian market – the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger of all body types. Initial fleet conversion bids are for model years 2016-2022.

The company wants to bridge a big gap in the market — the desire of larger fleet owners to cut emissions and go electric, and the lack of supply of new EV models that are currently being launched in the U.S. but could take years. to reach Australia.

Roev has committed to converting 1,000 utils within the first 12 months of the program and will open orders from interested fleet managers from December this year.

Ute conversion prices start at $47,990 for the 4×2 model and go up to $57,990 for some older 4×4 models. These vehicle prices are exclusive of GST.

“There is a strong demand for electrical equipment in Australia, particularly among large fleets. We actively listen to our customers to ensure our product solutions meet their operational needs,” says Roev CEO Noah Wasmer.

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Australian fleets with Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux models can have Roev convert these vehicles from ICE to EV power. Converted new ones are offered in two versions:

  • Standard package with a driving range of 240 km
  • Extended package with a working radius of 360 km

In addition to ranges, converted utes also allow vehicle loading (V2L) capabilities. The company also plans to add vehicle-to-home, vehicle-to-depot and vehicle-to-network options in the coming years.

Cars manufactured since 2016 can be converted, which can help extend the life of existing vehicles and reduce the frequency of fleet renewals.

“We heard from a lot of fleets that they wanted to modify a little older vehicles to extend the life of their existing assets,” says Wasmer. “With a conversion, you’re not only adding an electric vehicle to your fleet, you’re also removing a diesel vehicle from the road and preventing many years of C02 emissions from the tailpipe.”

After the initial rollout, Roev plans to roll out its EV conversion system to more models and also wants to work more closely with vehicle OEMs.

This looks like a good first step to helping Australia’s fleet electrify thousands of new ones and has the potential to form a central part of our electrified transport future.

Roev EV Fleet Program – Product Information

Compatible vehicles:

  • Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger
  • 4×2 or 4×4, all body types
  • Model year 2016-2022

Proposed conversion specifications:

  • 100% plug electric
  • Standard battery: 64 kWh – range up to 240 km
  • Extended battery: 96 kWh – range up to 360 km
  • Integration with vehicle safety systems (engineering safety certificate)
  • V2L power points for powering multiple tools on site (240v, 20A)
  • 11 kW built-in AC charger (type 2)
  • 80kW CCS DC fast charging

Suggested cost per conversion (eg GST):

Base vehicle Standard range Extended scope
4×2 MY20-22 $47,990 $53,990
4×2 MY16-19 $48,990 $54,990
4×4 MY20-22 $50,990 $56,990
4×4 MY16-19 $51,990 $57,990

You can listen to an interview with Roevi Wasmer on a recent episode of The Driven podcast.

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