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The Minister of Civil Affairs Dr Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Subaie on Tuesday inaugurated the Umm Al Seneem Park, which has the world’s longest outdoor airstrip.

Located in the city of Al Rayyan, the park has been built by the Public Administration Authority (Ashghal) in collaboration with the Public Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality.

Officials represent a Guinness World Record achievement.

The park’s outdoor track is 1,143 meters long and is designed to encourage the public to walk, exercise and run.
The opening ceremony, according to a statement from the minister, was attended by some of the Ministries of the City and the leaders of Ashghal, including Mansour Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud, a deputy assistant for Urban Affairs in the office; Ahmed Mohamed al-Sada, assistant secretary for Public Services Affairs at the ministry; Mohamed Ali al-Khouri, director of the Department of Public Parks in the ministry; Jaber Hassan al-Jaber, director of Al Rayyan Municipality; Mohamed Arqoub al-Khaldi, head of the Inspection Committee for the Improvement of Roads and Public Areas in Qatar; Jarallah al-Marri, director of the Housing Project Department in Ashghal; and Abdul Hakim al-Hashemi, head of the Public Affairs Department in Ashghal, and other officials of the ministry and authority.
Ashghal, owned by the Inspection Committee for the Improvement of Roads and Public Spaces in Qatar, was awarded the Guinness World Records title for an open air track.

It’s part of the way.

This is the fifth project by the authority to achieve Guinness World Records.
Guinness World Records announced the tree planting event organized by the committee as part of Qatar’s Image and Our Children Planting a Tree project to plant a million trees, in collaboration with the Ministry of Cities .
Guinness World Records referee Pravin Patel said that the Umm Al Seneem Park is the longest air-conditioned and pedestrian walkway in an open park, and its requirements were reviewed including the requirements of records.
According to the president of Ashghal, Dr. Saad Ahmed al-Muhannadi, the authority is proud of the title as the park has achieved a strategic plan for the popularity and capital of the cities and the highest levels of quality and international standards. promote a healthy lifestyle at all times,” he said.

Another view of the road.

The Umm Al Seneem Park provides 88,400sqm of green spaces with 912 trees, a 1,135m bike path, a 1,143m (3,750ft) walking and hiking trail, and three training areas ready to fitness equipment.
Also, there are two playgrounds for children of all ages and 40 bicycle stands.
Around 900 trees of 18 different species, including 75 local ones, and a ‘green wall’ of 820sqm in size.
The platform can receive about 6,000 visitors per day.
The park also has six food baskets, 85 lampposts and locally made benches.
The park combines various cooling systems to reduce energy consumption and reduce the temperature to 26C.

“The opening of the Umm Al Seneem Park comes within the framework of the Ministry of the City’s desire to establish and develop public parks with new international standards, which will be as health, entertainment and sports centers for families in different areas across all governorates,” said al-Khouri.
He added that the new world record for Qatar’s debt “is a great achievement that we are proud of, because it encourages us to achieve more achievements.”

Yousef al-Emadi, Project Director in Ashghal, said that this achievement is a reward for the work team that has been able to implement the drainage system for the longest pedestrian and pedestrian path in the open plan.
According to Al-Khaldi, Umm Al Seneem Park is the committee’s second air-conditioned park, and the record is an achievement in addition to the committee’s achievements.
Al-Marri said that Ashghal is proud that the pedestrian walkway and walkway are environmentally friendly as a large percentage of the electricity needed to operate the skylights is achieved through the use of solar panels.
Al-Hashemi said that the engineers of Ashghal proved their skills and showed professional excellence, because they have left a great mark on the achievement of the life of Qatar Majed al-Maadadi, project manager in Ashghal , said that clearing open spaces has been a challenge and a need for years. research and engineering tests.
He said the Ashghal task force prepared the mechanical designs and conducted the necessary tests to ensure the success of the track’s ventilation system.
Yasmine al-Sheikh, the project design manager, said that the construction of the longest pedestrian walkway and walkway in a safe and environmentally friendly way encourages movement as the park is designed as a place entertainment for citizens and visitors of Qatar.


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