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One of the rarest and most striking options Ford ever offered was the Mustang’s Mysichrome paint. Only about 1,000 cars were given the exclusive color-changing paint sold by the SVT Cobra for the 2004 model year alone, and today Bring a Trailer costs a lot of money. You also can’t paint your car in it, as apparently Ford doesn’t sell it to most people. But that didn’t stop one Ford Maverick hybrid owner from capturing the Mysichrome look — and without asking the manufacturer.

Paul Montgomery, owner of Eastside Auto Spa in Cincinnati, Ohio, said Driving he had “always loved it [Mystichrome] color and thought it would look great on a mini truck.” As mentioned above, however, getting it from Ford is very difficult: all Ford Mustang forum users say that Ford requires buyers to already own a Mysichrome Mustang to purchase even the tiny bottles. Montgomery to the aftermarket, where he found an alternative that would do the trick.

Mystery Chrome-like Ford Maverick Hybrid. Paul Montgomery

Montgomery got her hands on an unusual metallic flake see-through bra called the Stek Dynoprism, which on its own is mostly see-through. However, when applied to the car at some angles, a purplish tint appears, which looks different depending on the color of the adhesive. On the white Tesla his shop worked on, it took on an “old-school hologram look,” according to Montgomery, while on a blue Tesla or even his own Maverick, it looks like the spitting image of Ford’s elusive Mysichrome.

Like Mysichrome, this visual effect doesn’t come cheap. Montgomery said he would offer $8,500 retail for the stuff. There’s not much to go around either, as its supplier’s website says it’s made in “limited production runs.” Of course, if you’re set on this look, you pretty much have to accept paying through the nose for it. The materials alone are almost inherently expensive, and that’s not to mention the labor involved in installing them. You can always do it yourself, but time is money, and money is for more parts in the first place, isn’t it?

Mystery Chrome-like Ford Maverick Hybrid. Paul Montgomery

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