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No one wants to ruin their summer with a bad energy bill. These tips will help you avoid that.

About 29% of Aussies are stressed about their electricity bills, compared to 19% in March, according to Finder’s Consumer Monitor.

With energy costs predicted to increase by 35% by 2023, you need to do everything in your control to accelerate inflation.

1. Start by comparing your power plans

You want to make sure you are getting the best price for electricity. The end of the year is a good time to review your plan and make changes.

In some states, the difference between the the cheapest and most expensive plans are $200–$300 per year.

You can start comparing energy plans using the Energy Finder™. Keep your previous electricity bill for estimates.

For example, check out our best picks for electricity plans in Australia this month.

2. Keep your conditioner at a cool 25 degrees

It’s tempting to blast your air conditioner at 18 degrees when it’s hot outside.

However, each point can add 10% to your operating costs.

The main rule is to keep your thermostat at 25 degrees to keep your electricity bill from blowing up.

Since temperature conditions can vary between countries, here’s an overview of the best temperature settings based on where you live.

Northern, Northern, Central Australia Group 21–23°C
South-eastern Queensland, northern NSW Microwave 25°C
South Australia, south-west of Australia Mediterranean 24–25°C
Tasmania Simplicity 28°C
ACT and surrounding areas of NSW and Victoria Moananui 26–27°C
South Victoria The great ocean 24°C

Source: Crown Power

We’ve calculated the operating costs of air conditioning to help you budget for your summer energy bill.

3. Invest in the right fan

Buying a powerful fan will help you sleep through the night without blowing air for 7 or 8 hours straight.

It can make the days of the sun stronger by providing good ventilation.

I bought a nice pedestal for $39 at Kmart and a summer duvet. I agree it’s a bit noisy but after a couple of nights you won’t notice it. Before bed, I keep my fan running and turn off my screen timer after an hour. This work looks beautiful.

4. Clean up your house and switch to electronic devices

Heating and cooling can account for 40% of your energy bill.

Reverse cycle air conditioners are the most expensive. The better your energy star rating, the lower your bills.

Make sure it’s the right size. For example, a 2.5kW system may not be suitable for a large bedroom or large bedroom.

Average costs for running your split system can vary from $140 to $360 depending on its size and where you live.

Remember, these calculations are for 3 months and assume you are running the air for 6 hours a day.

In addition to this, you should also consider:

  • Close the curtain or curtain to cool your room
  • Close all doors when turning on the air conditioner
  • Clean your air filters regularly
  • Use a rug or drapery to trap cold air

5. Increase cash payments and concessions

Hundreds of thousands of eligible Aussies are missing out on electricity bill deals costing them up to $372 a year, according to a new paper released by the Consumer Policy Research Centre.

Navigate to your area to find out what discounts and deals are available to you and how to apply.

At the end of the day, travel is limited as we all struggle with the cost of living.

Compare electric, mobile and internet plans to save more by 2023.


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