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The center was set up by the Telecom Sector Business Council under the initiative of SBI Cards & Payment Services Ltd.

In an initiative to enhance the livelihood of women students, the Telecom Sector Business Council (TSSC), today partnered with SBI Cards & Payment Services Ltd for placement-related skill development courses. reported to Under this partnership, TSSC launched a Telecom Center of Excellence (CoE) at Government College for Girls in Sector-14, Gurugram under the CSR initiative for women empowerment.

Mr. Haryana CM Shri Manohar Lal Khattar at the inauguration ceremony
TSSC and SBI Card Telecom CoE in Gurugram

The center was inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Manohar Lal Khattar on 21st November. The Telecom CoE facility includes theory classrooms, practical labs, hybrid labs and a dedicated language center for enhancing industrialized professional and soft skills. The center is designated to provide National Qualifications Framework (NSQF) and National Curriculum Framework (NCF) aligned short courses in telecom service roles. The project will start with 763 candidates within two years from September this year.

Arvind Bali, CEO, Telecom Sector Skill Council said, “The CSR project under this partnership will contribute significantly in upskilling young women and help them instill the spirit of self-confidence to find new job roles. TSSC every is at the forefront of skilling/skilling/skilling the youth to prepare them for employment and this important partnership with SBICards is another step forward for CSR to promote equal opportunities for women and empower them .

The CSR project was envisaged under the TSSCs Livelihood Enhancement and Enhancement Program (LEAP) to include basic and secondary skill building for future and legacy telecom courses. The main objective of this program is to give candidates the confidence and skills in the telecom trade to support the growing demand for service, manufacturing and sales services. This will also help support the local talent of Haryana to boost the industry as a whole. The project was taken up with the support of Government Girls College and Haryana CSR Trust which is working towards the successful completion of the project.

Haryana CM Shri Manohar Lal Khattar at the inauguration of TSSC and SBI Card Telecom CoE in Gurugram

Rama Mohan Rao Amara, Managing Director and CEO, SBI Card said, “India is already a hotbed of potential youth talent, and as a large institution, we are doing our part to improve the status of women in the workforce. We are confident that this partnership with TSSC will benefit the women candidates in Haryana and help them to pass the theoretical courses to become job ready. This is a one-year partnership, and we believe that it will complement the initiatives taken by the government and increase the number of different companies launched to attract more female talent to the industry.”

About the Telecom Sector Skill Council

The Telecom Sector Skills Council is the industry’s leading apex body, a non-profit organization, dedicated to developing a world-class skilled workforce for the telecom industry. The organization is a partnership between the Cellular Operators Association of India, the Cellular and Electronics Association of India and the National Technology Development Corporation under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Commerce and the Ministry of Telecommunication. TSSC has trained more than 1 million people with more than 600 training partners and 1000+ training centers across the country and continues to develop high quality talent with a commitment to local sourcing and global positioning.


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