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Ukrainians in Manitoba who paid for medical tests as part of the asylum process to escape Russia’s occupation will be reimbursed those costs, the provincial government said Friday.

Generally, a medical examination is required for people coming to Canada to work in specific occupations, those applying for an open work permit, or those who have lived in a long list of countries before their arrival, including Ukraine.

However, the federal Canada-Ukraine approval of the emergency travel program That requirement was waived Following the Russian invasion, Ukrainians were allowed to undergo a medical exam 90 days after their arrival, which cost about $350 for adults and slightly less for children.

CBC News reported last month that Manitoba had agreed to pay for tests for Ukrainians in the province.

The province announced Friday that those who paid prior to immigration medical examinations in Manitoba can contact the claims unit at 204-786-7367 or by email at claims@gov.mb.ca.

Individuals are required to provide their name, address, nine-digit personal health identification number, and a receipt from a physician’s office.

So far, more than 1,700 Ukrainians have used a provincial reception center set up to support Ukrainian refugees, the province said in a news release.


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