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Covid-19 cases are on the rise again in Delhi, which has increased the ongoing demand for online open book (OBE) exams of Delhi University (DU) students. Citing issues like fear for their health and lack of practice for pen-and-paper exams, the youth are defying the university’s firm stance on offline exams.

“I received an email from the university stating that not filling the exam form on time will cost you a year,” says Vishwas Saxena, a BA (BA) final-year student, indicating that even the rising number of Covid-19 cases will not change. Hons) Economics from Rajdhani College. He adds, “For most subjects, 70-90% of the syllabus is covered online… But after physical classes resumed, teachers started revising the syllabus in more detail. This has created anxiety… It seems unfair.

Apart from the fear of infection, Adesh Kumar, an outstation student at the School of Open Learning, has other concerns against offline exams. Most of the classes are online so we haven’t received the study materials yet. There is no proper guidance from DU regarding exam preparation. Also increased the PG rent by almost 100%. “It is very difficult to move to Delhi in such a short period of time,” he laments.

Prashant Tyagi, a zoology student at Hansraj College, mentions feeling “unnecessary pressure”: “Colleges reopened too soon… No one is mentally prepared for offline exams.”

“Everyone is scared about the rise in Covid-19 cases,” says Jayantika Rawat, a second-year Political Science (Hons) student at Ramjas College. Tanushka Dev Chanyal, another second year student of the same college, shares, “Some of our courses for the semester are yet to be completed. The idea of ​​conducting offline exams so soon seems wrong. Also, there is a dearth of study materials.

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