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Originally built to transmogrify Jeeps that Ford had built for the military during the war, the Bronco has been part of our culture since its debut in 1966, despite 25 years of production since the ’90s. Both nostalgia and the uniqueness of the car’s capabilities have created a new enthusiasm for the vehicles. But then again, one might wonder if that enthusiasm ever dissipated from the start. Ford itself revived the Bronco lineup last year as both a two-door and four-door option.

Photo: Velocity Modern Classics

One such company helping to carry on the legacy of vintage Broncos is Velocity Modern Classics, a Florida-based restoration company that specializes in infusing vintage models with modern comfort and performance. The latest addition to the Custom Series, the classic 1973 Ford Bronco has received the Midnight Edition treatment, complete with black Billet components, JW Speaker headlights, black Method Racing Wheels, and a tan interior.

Photo: Velocity Modern Classics

At Velocity, all the work is done in-house by its team of nearly 100 craftsmen and engineers who help bring these builds to life, from tuning to crafting fully custom interiors. What’s more, the company guarantees delivery of your vehicle in just 14 weeks after the order is placed.

Photo: Velocity Modern Classics

Exact specs for the Midnight Edition have yet to be released, but previous versions of the ’73 Bronco have had the Ford 5.0L Coyote engine and 4R70W transmission. If you want to buy this fantastic ride, expect the price tag to be in the $200,000 range.


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