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VOEPL will offer a new Indian manufacturing facility | Rare Techy


In addition to the existing manufacturing facilities that manufacture air conditioners (ACs) and EMS / LED lights, VOEPL’s third manufacturing unit will have in-house capacity to manufacture metal components and presses from 63T to 310T.

The company maintains that the ODU production capacity of VOEPL will increase, which is done according to the expectations of its customers and the received signals. The manufacturing capacity of ODU (Outer Unit) for room ACs will increase to 240,000 per year. The building will add a tool room for maintenance.

“We have to meet the expectations of our customers by updating and expanding our production processes according to their needs. We received more and more demand from our customers and decided to increase our capacity. . We are also increasing backward integration so that we can compete and offer better services to our customers. The investment made for the machines used in this sector is part of the PLI program * of the company’s certified white goods,” said Mr Sukrit Bharati, MD, VOEPL, in a press release.

*Project Linkage Generation (PLI) for Large Scale Power Generation


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