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Summer electricity demand in Western Australia

Households in Perth and Peel are being encouraged to use electricity more efficiently during peak demand periods over the coming summer months.

A series of outages began on Christmas Day and up to December 28 last year affected 107,000 Western Power customers. An independent review by Michelle Shepherd of the Australian Energy Market Commission found that the events were the result of record high temperatures during those four days. Some parts of the network were unable to meet the peak power demand due to heavy use of wind power.

With temperatures from December 2022 to February 2023 expected to exceed the average maximum, there are concerns that blackouts will return this year – and hotter summers than the headline years it is said to be due to climate change.

Among the recommendations in the audit report – all of which will be implemented by Western Power – are improvements to customer and community information. As part of that effort, Australia’s McGowan Government, Western Power and Synergy yesterday launched the Ready for Summer campaign.

“The Ready for Summer campaign aims to drive awareness and education about energy conservation as everyone begins to play a more active role in WA’s energy transition,” said by WA Energy Minister Bill Johnston.

The scheme aims to keep households supplied with electricity during peak demand, which occurs between 5pm and 9pm when most people get home and switch them on. gas and other household appliances. Western Power will also send out warning letters this summer to electric customers in major cities at risk of power outages; encourage them to reduce their efforts to avoid blackout.

“Our hot summers are driving demand, and it’s easy to do things around the home to reduce energy consumption and save money,” said Minister Johnston. “Working together, we can make our systems more reliable and save you money on your energy bills.”

In a related statement, Premier Mark McGowan has said the government will be forced to import coal from New South Wales in the coming years as Australia moves towards west from coal power.

Solar Power and Home Electronics in Black

Solar home is popular in Western Australia, but most WA solar owners are in the same boat as their non-PV neighbors during the blackout even if it occurs under ideal conditions for solar power generation.

Power transformers have a safety feature called “anti-islanding protection”, which shuts down the transformer when an interruption to the power supply is detected. This is to protect crews working to restore mains power and also damage grid equipment from solar power still being delivered to the grid.

For owners of solar panels that have power during a blackout, a home battery is required1. But not all solar batteries are equal in this regard because they have different capacities. Not knowing the difference between charge levels is one of the biggest mistakes people make when buying home batteries.


  1. Many converters offer small additional functions without batteries, such as the Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus.


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