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These days, almost all of us have a debit or credit card and use it to withdraw money from ATMs and make transactions. Losing your ATM/debit card can be a hassle and poses a threat to your hard-earned money. Your card may be misused by someone else to make transactions.

Please, State Bank of India (SBI) offers facilities to block ATM / debit card to its customers. If you are an SBI customer and have somehow lost or misplaced your ATM-cum-Debit Card, then there are various ways you can block it. There are some important points about your card that you should always keep in mind. You should write the card and account number in a place where you can easily find it. This way, you can easily block your card if it is lost, forgotten, or stolen.

Here are some different ways you can block your SBI debit card:

  • You can take help of 24 x 7 helpline (1800-11-22-11/1800-425-3800/+9180-26599990). You will be asked to provide certain details before limiting the card to prevent card fraud.
  • You can text “BLOCKXXXX” (XXXX is the last 4 digits on the card) to 567676 with the registered phone number.
  • You can take the help of SBI Anywhere mobile application. You can block the card by selecting “Debit Card Hotlisting” from the “Services” menu that appears on the page after you log in and follow the on-screen instructions. The card can also be blocked using the “Card Blocking” option on the pre-login screen.
  • People can take help of SBI Quick mobile application. You can select the “ATM Debit Card” option to deactivate your card. One need only use their registered phone number to access SBI Quick mobile application. The cardholder must enter the last 4 digits on the card to deactivate it.
  • The cardholder can visit the SBI Bank branch and bring a formal request to block the lost/stolen card.
  • If you use internet banking, then you can also block your card through that. After logging in, go to “electronic services”, then select “ATM Card Services” and click “Stop using your ATM card”.

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