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An analogue, the American Ford GT is still in the hearts of many enthusiasts

The 2006 Ford GT is still stunning to look at and continues to impress almost twenty years later

There are some cars that almost everyone agrees are the brand’s best models. And at the pinnacle of Ford performance, this model is arguably the GT supercar. Many people see the Ford GT and all its variations as the pinnacle of American performance and the last serious American mass-produced supercar. And abroad, these cars attract even more attention and can show what they are made of on certain roads.

The second generation Ford GT is still impressive

YouTuber AutoTopNL has tested many cars on the autobahn, but when he got the chance to drive his childhood dream car, he jumped at the chance. The GT in question is a facelifted 2006 model that was fitted with a larger Whipple supercharger. With over 600 horsepower, the Ford V-8 is low, mean and, as a YouTuber calls it, “the best-looking car” in decades. When behind the wheel, he describes the sound as old-school and similar to what he imagines driving an original Shelby GT500 coupe must have been like. According to him, the car itself also looks old school and as if Ford was still trying to create a car to beat Ferrari.


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The GT is still competitive with today’s supercars

road trip ford gt

Behind the wheel, the GT still feels aggressive, but it’s also easy to drive

As he hits the road, the YouTuber begins to reminisce about how much he’s always loved the Ford GT and GT40 race car and realized exactly how capable those cars were. The supercharged V-8 adds torque to the driving experience and propels the car to 60 mph in less than three and a half seconds. The massive rear wheels and tires keep the rear end planted and make cornering flatter than many track cars can today. Loving every second of the experience, he continues to say that he needs a GT in his life, even if they are as expensive as they are.

The supercharged V8 pulls hard when pushed to the limit

driving a ford gt

After 100 mph, the GT continues to climb effortlessly

Hitting the freeway for the first pass, the GT easily hits over 150 mph and flies past the surrounding cars and trucks. The car comfortably cruises at higher speeds than many modern cars can, showing just how much technology and skill went into building the models. The YouTuber continues to praise the car, saying that even after the thousands of cars he’s driven — including Novitec Ferraris and high-end Lamborghinis — the Ford GT is his favorite to drive. Comfortable and smooth, blowing in excess of 180mph, the GT’s interior and exterior have been gracefully aged to still look modern and match the Ferrari 296GTB hybrid supercar.

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The 2006 GT proves how well it was built, even by today’s standards

top speed ford gt

At 200 mph, the GT still feels like it has room to stretch its legs

Easily topping 200 mph, the GT easily eclipses the top speed of cars like the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. As limited as the GT was, this car is certainly a worthy successor to the original GT40 built to tackle Le Mans. Exiting the Autobahn, AutoTopNL continues to tell exactly how the car handles when not pushed to the limit. The clutch that engages at the top of the pedal and the incredibly short shifter throws make the car easy to drive, though not exactly livable with its terrible fuel economy.


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