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On Tuesday, as temperatures around metro Birmingham soared above 90 degrees, my landlord sent me a notice about our air conditioner:

“We think that we can adjust our air conditioners to what temperature we want and the air conditioner will work regardless. However, this is not the case: it is limited to a number of movement that the air conditioner can cool when comparing the temperature differences between the air inside and outside,” wrote the company that owns my house in an email.

My realtor, who works for H2 realty, recommended using the “20 point rule” to identify insulation as heat advisories continue throughout Alabama.

Here’s what it means, according to him and other experts:

What is the 20-point rule?

Most air conditioning systems are designed to achieve a 20-degree difference between outside and inside air while maintaining 55% relative humidity.

Here’s what that means: When it’s 80 degrees outside, it’s easy for your AC to keep your house at 70 degrees inside. Even if it’s 90 degrees outside, your air conditioner should still be gentle on the 70-degree mark.

However, if it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s not possible to get to 70 degrees inside without the air conditioner working at full capacity for long periods of time causing problems like high humidity, according to my boss. country. If you have set your air conditioner to a high temperature difference, you may be running your AC all day long and not reaching the desired temperatures. You also end up with a high electricity bill.

An Alabama Power official said that every year, extreme heat and cold temperatures increase consumer demand, which in turn increases the risk of loss. At this point, though, he said, Alabama Power isn’t paying attention to issues related to this week’s weather forecast.

What temperature should your thermostat be set at?

A good rule of thumb is on really hot days when the temperature reaches 100 degrees it’s best to set your AC somewhere between 75 and 80 degrees, according to this recommendation.

Alabama Power spokesman Anthony Cook calls it a 78-degree format. That’s what many government officials are saying.

Don’t tamper with the phone, he told customers; it’s best to set it and forget it.

“This will prevent it from clicking all the time, and you have to make an effort to cool your house every time,” Cook said.

What are some other ways to cool my house?

Turning your fan to the “on” position instead of leaving it on “auto” will help circulate air throughout your home and help keep rooms that are too hot or too cool. This approach should also help cool the upper level of two-story homes.

Closing the shades on the sunny side of the house will help cool the home on very hot days.

Close unused rooms to conserve energy.

Consider using ceiling fans to keep you warm and changing the rotation of the fans.

Do not use equipment on very hot days; use the stove instead of the oven and hang clothes to dry. If you need to do laundry or do the dishes, try to do it during off hours to conserve heat and energy.


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