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Starting with Home Depot, its cheapest air conditioner is a cordless model. The MRCOOL option runs for $1,060 and has a 4.7-star rating, with 94% of customers recommending it. Air vents can be just as effective in small spaces as traditional units. According to MSP Plumbing Heating Air, ductless and traditional units work by removing hot and humid air from home spaces, while the former simply circulate cool air through the same room. This unit, which can cool a 1,500-square-meter room, is compatible with smart homes, and can be installed without professional help.

When it comes to traditional AC units, though, Home Depot has many listings, but few reviews. However, the listing for the Winchester model, which costs $3,805, shows both displays. Two reviewers left 5-star ratings and recommended the product. The Winchester is a 14 SEER unit, which just meets the minimum score to be considered efficient (via Hiller). This model weighs 3 tons, so you’ll need to buy a unit that’s the right size for your home’s square footage.


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