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Happy Thanksgiving to you all from us here at HotCars! We hope you all have a joyful holiday season and have much to be thankful for. We certainly are here at HotCars. There have been some epic cars and some epic moments in the automotive world this year. Supercars have hit the market, Nissan has unveiled its new Z sports car and more. But what about the car we’re most thankful for?

It should be the new Ford Mustang. Earlier, in 2022. Ford unveiled the new 2024 Mustang, with the popular muscle car set to flex those muscles for another generation. There are three awesome engines available for the latest and greatest in Ford’s lineup, and it looks like they’ve nailed it. But why are we so grateful for it? This could become the last version of this car with an internal combustion engine. With Dodge bringing electric power to their muscle cars, Ford may follow suit with the next-gen Mustang. We are very grateful, although this is not the case at the moment.

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Powerful and impressive power range for the 2024 Mustang

2024 Ford Mustang, rear view
through Ford

The latest generation of the Mustang family offers plenty of power. Three engine options are offered for the 2024 Mustang. Its starting point is the MPC’s 2.3-liter Ford EcoBoost inline-four engine. It’s a brand new engine with both port and direct injection to help reduce the car’s emissions. Then we have the 5.0L Coyote V8 engine, perhaps the highlight of the Ford Mustang and certainly the main focal point.

This is the fourth generation of this engine, and in anticipation of the 14th generation F-150 pickup, it received a massive emissions upgrade in 2021. Finally, there is the incredible Dark Horse Coyote V8 engine. This is especially true of the Mustang Dark Horse edition, which produces over 500 hp V8 for the special Mustang. Ford took a lot of technology from the Shelby GT500, like the forged crankshaft, to make it one of the best Mustangs of the modern era. There is every chance that Ford has made this the best modern Mustang ever.

Which makes us thankful for the new Mustang

2024 Ford Mustang front quarter details
through Ford

Dodge has shown us that the era of internal combustion power for muscle cars is about to disappear. The Charger Daytona SRT Concept was the first time an all-electric muscle car came from a major manufacturer. And even though the word “concept” was in the name, don’t let that fool you. This car will go into production, with perhaps only a few changes to its exterior and interior. Time waits for no one, least of all a muscle car. The world is not the same as it was in the heyday of the 1960s and 1970s.

There have been many rumors about this new generation of a possible hybrid or electric Mustang. But Ford sure surprised people when they revealed that the next iteration of the Mustang won’t feature any of these powertrains. It certainly shows that an electric Mustang is not at the top of Ford’s priority list for the foreseeable future. This is incredibly refreshing to hear. Here’s hoping the Mustang gets electric soon. But we’re thankful we get to experience the V8 Mustang’s raw power just a little longer.

The modern muscle car we all want

2024 Ford Mustang front view
through Ford

Ford has created a muscle car that looks sharp and exciting, as well as one that has the raw power we’d expect from a name like the Mustang. The Mustang has a very menacing yet quite sleek level of styling, with the front removing some of the awkwardness we might have seen in the previous generation of the muscle car. The aggressiveness is very welcome, given that today’s car designs are often quite uninspiring and conform to a fairly simple level of styling. Ford has nailed it with this latest Mustang, though.

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A car to be truly grateful for

2024 Mustang family
through Ford

We’re so thankful we haven’t seen the last of the V8-powered Mustang. Ford has given us hope that we can experience that power a little longer than we all thought. A muscle car should have raw power and make a loud noise. While electric and more sustainable energy methods must help the planet, we can still long for what used to be. For that, we are grateful for what Ford did. From all of us here at HotCars, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving 2022.

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