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The NFL’s Thanksgiving halftime shows are always under intense scrutiny, and Bebe Rexha’s Lions vs. The Bills game was no different.

Rexha — the pop singer best known for her 2013 hit “The Monster” — put together a pretty interesting halftime show for her performance in Detroit.

Ford Field fans, however, wouldn’t know much about it. They couldn’t really see it.

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For some reason, the stage Rexha was performing on was hidden in a corner of the stadium. This made it impossible for fans to see it without looking at the Jumbotron.

This created a stir among fans who praised Rexha’s performance as a result.

It’s understandable that fans would feel that way, given that the NFL had sold them a bill that included a top-notch halftime show. But again, the league struggled to combine sports harmoniously with entertainment.

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That wasn’t the only strange element in Rexha’s short performance. It opened with him standing still on stage and the camera rotating around him.

It went on for quite some time and viewers across the country poked fun at the dizzying opening.

After that, the camerawork leveled off and NFL fans could enjoy Rexha’s show from the comfort of their couches. This prompted a number of comments from savvy social media users, ranging from praise for the pop star’s performance to questions about it.

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Below are some of the best reactions to it.

Rexha’s show was definitely not loved by viewers across the country.

But hey, at least they just saw it.


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