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After a ton of blood, sweat and tears, B is for Build is happy with the end result of this epic and unique Mustang fastback.

SEMA 2022 is a great return to the show with a great result muscle carscustom builds, restomods and more, including a first-time nomination for Best Automotive Social Media Personality.

Of course, there were many different ones Ford Mustang builds, and one of the most dramatic is the pony car from YouTube custom builders B Is For Build. It takes a classic ’60s icon and gives it a complete twist, resulting in an exotic build that’s unique and eye-catching.

This custom Mustang has been constantly featured on the channel throughout its build and is now nearing completion. After the SEMA show, the channel continues with the latest testing as the mid-engined Ford Mustang fastback hit the streets for the first time.

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Custom mid-engine widebody 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

It started as a Need For Speed ​​movie car, a replica of the Bugatti Veyron, and served as a stunt car in the movie, T-boned by a police car. After that, the team at B Is For Build acquired the chassis and started turning it into a widebody mid-engine Ford Mustang based on a cool car rendering.

Finished in white, the imposing Chevy LS-V8 powered race car showed up at SEMA and was completed just a day before the show. The team had to work on it after hours inside the show so it could go out under its own steam.

After the show, the team had to do more work on the car to get it road ready and eventually ready for some racing.

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Building a custom mid-engine Ford Mustang takes time and patience

'67 widebody mid-engine Ford Mustang, rear close-up
Via: YouTube via B is for construction

Throughout the video, there’s a montage of welding and doing the job, with the team perfecting the great-looking project by ironing out flaws and making it less rough around the edges. By the end of the video, it has working headlights, a new exhaust system, a reinforced front grille and stronger steering, among other things.

When it hits the road, it looks insane compared to the other regular cars next to it. The engine is very loud in the rear of the American pony car and it is also impossible for the driver to see the right side of the car to maneuver.

Although it’s still a little rough around the edges, the car is making a lot of progress. According to the channel’s presenter, the car will essentially be a custom race car and it will look right from every angle.


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