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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – With record high temperatures across the region, people are trying to stay cool while the air conditioners are on.

If the air conditioner breaks, the tenants will be homeless while the landlords are available. The Better Business Bureau finds that most complaints from renters come from having no water, no heat in the winter, and no air conditioning in the summer.

Regional Manager Katie Galan says tenants have options.

“If we’re looking at two weeks, in the middle of summer, in Texas and you don’t have AC, these are pretty bad,” he says.

According to Texas law, a landlord must correct a dangerous situation within a reasonable time. According to Galan, it takes a week without wind for the conditions we are seeing.

But he says it’s important for renters to go the right way. That means getting the information in writing, following up in writing if nothing has been done, and then going to the fine print of your lease or contract.

“You can end your lease early without penalty, you can fix it yourself and just take that money from what you can rent, or the last way you can You are the judge,” said Galan.

If you look at those options, it’s important to have a written reimbursement agreement signed by your landlord. Galan says it’s important not to withhold the lease, as if you do landlords are not legally bound to fix the problems.

According to Galan if you are looking for professional help, you can contact a home or health inspector to get the job done faster.

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