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The flood crisis that engulfed Echuca and Moma took a heavy toll on the senior contingent, resulting in the cancellation of the second and third weeks of the HSC examinations.

“It was a really unique situation because in the whole of NSW, we were the only school to be affected by flooding during the HSC exams,” Head of Teaching and Learning Hayley Catt said.

Mrs. Kat handled the task of contacting 51 students from 51 families.

“I’m proud of how we handled the situation, and I’m really proud of our students and our community,” she said.

“We’ve been through adversity.”

Despite the negative effects of the disruptions, many students and staff at the school could be seen hauling sandbags and helping out within the community and helping their neighbors.

“The number of students I’ve seen is fantastic,” said Deborah Duncan, Year 12 co-ordinator.

“Those who felt they needed to do something to take their mind off the exams, they were helping the community and that was really amazing to see.

“I think that’s one of the best things that came out of it — the community spirit that our students showed.”

While Year 12 cohorts were disappointed by the cancellation of exams, their HSC teachers were similarly affected.

“The amount of work the children do reflects how much work the teachers do,” Ms Duncan said.

“It’s devastating not to be able to see your students put into practice what they’re doing and how well they can do.

“As Year 12 bio (biology) teachers, it’s heartbreaking because we’ve had these kids test them for two years and then cancel their exams.”

Mrs Catt worked with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to provide Miss Adventure applications to students to limit the impact of the floods on their overall results.

“It will be fair to them how NESA addresses it, thankfully most of our students have worked hard throughout the year so they have good internal marks,” Mrs Catt said.


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