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Yes, this is a very hot topic. Do you need to cover your air in winter? Someone is saying yes! Some say not at all. There are pros and cons to both, do you?

I’ve talked to a bunch of people who swear up and down that what they’re doing is “the right way.” So, I spoke with an air conditioning guy (Jay from HVAC Experts), and here’s what we learned from our conversation.

Do you need to cover your air in winter? You may not like this answer!

Harsh Heat Wave Continues to Punish the East

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It depends on the unit. See, you said, you don’t want to answer.

If you have a large wind turbine in your yard and you have large trees, yes, go ahead and cover it, before the leaves come down and land in the module. This allows moisture to enter the unit, and the leaves provide bedding for small animals. Can you untangle it after the leaves fall? Yes, the units are designed to survive bad weather, but keeping leaves and debris out is better for your unit in the long run.

If you have a window unit, should you cover it in the winter?

Major US Areas Under Extreme Heat Warnings

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The best answer to that is can you take the window pane off the window and store it for the winter? If you leave it inside, yes you should cover it, because it will let cold air into your home, and covering the outside will help keep the drafts out.

Not everyone can take the unit out and store it, but wrapping is a good idea if you can’t take the unit out. Another good reason to remove the window units is that the snow will build up on them, causing more weight and more stress on the window and ac unit.

So, weigh it. What do you do? To wrap or not to wrap? Why did you choose this method, and were there any issues when you did it?

Here are some places and ways to keep you warm this winter, have you been to any of these places?

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