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Do you have questions about VA claims exams? Not sure what to expect?

Veterans filing disability claims may feel relieved when they submit their claim, but there are still questions about what comes next in the claims process. Many veterans wonder what will happen during their VA claim examination (also known as a Compensation and Pension or C&P examination). To help answer these questions, VA has updated two websites that provide current information on frequently asked questions:

Claims Examination Information – Compensation (va.gov)

VA Claims Exam (C&P Exam) | Veterans Affairs

Answers to frequently asked questions

VA claim examinations are an important part of the claims process. VA’s updated websites provide veterans with answers on why a claim exam may be needed or needed, who to contact veterans about scheduling exams, and how to contact veterans. These new webpages contain answers to more questions like:

  • What to do if the exam fails;
  • How to reschedule an appointment;
  • What to bring to the exam and how to prepare for it;
  • who completes the test;
  • Expenses or travel expenses and more.

Exam information updated

All veterans—including those who have previously gone through a VA claim exam—will want to check out the new websites to get the most up-to-date information on how VA claims exams are conducted. In addition to examiners at VA medical facilities, the VA Medical Disability Examination Office (MDEO) has highly trained health care professionals who complete claims examinations across the country and abroad. These contract examiners are trained to ensure that examinations are conducted promptly, professionally, and at a location close to the veteran’s home of record. VA has also implemented modernizations such as telehealth exams. During a telehealth exam, the examiner can meet with a veteran via video to complete certain types of exams instead of traveling to an in-person exam.

Website information

The VA wants to bridge any gaps in communication by providing veterans with a comprehensive and easily accessible resource for all VA claims exam questions. Visit our updated websites to learn more about VA claims exams and find answers to frequently asked questions.


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